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Slow Down

This poem by Beau Taplin shot straight to my heart...

There is more to life than 

conquering mountains,

than expending all of your efforts

on achieving your goals

without taking breath or time

to savour the view.

Slow down.

You're allowed to set up camp

once in a while, to set yourself aside

some time to renew your heart,

to lie your head back in the soft grass

and marvel at the stars.


Slow down has been my mantra for this year, my intentional prayer. It came to me when I couldn't have been any busier or had more on my plate, begging for my attention.

Over the course of the year, I've been intentionally shifting to a much slower pace. 

I became less and less interested in scratching things off the to-do list, overbooking myself, or being ultra productive.

My newfound freedom felt foreign at first but I've since settled into this new rhythm of being in the flow. "Slow down you're allowed to set up camp once in a while" hit me right in the feels. 

This season of my life is all about setting up camp as much as I can throughout my days. Marvelling at the beautiful world around me with a renewed heart.


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