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Yoga for your workplace.



How are you supporting your staff? 


These unprecedented times that we're living in are predicted to have immeasurable impacts on our health and wellness right now and for years to come. All of our lives and workplaces are changing in ways many of us would never have imagined a year ago. 

With all of these changes, it's so important support your team's mental and physical well-being and yoga can play a big part in that.

Employers are seeking ways to support their valued employees during this time when stress, anxiety and fatigue are at an all-time high. How are you supporting your team during this time when it feels like the weight of the world is on everyone’s shoulders? What programs do you have in place for wellness? For physical, emotional and mental health?

At a time in history where our community needs health and wellness so badly, I truly feel that the practice of yoga is more valuable than ever. Yoga builds community, union and connection to oneself and others.


As challenging as it may be to get on your mat at home right now, it is always worth it. Make the time, even if it’s 15 mins.


It is much more potent to practice 15 minutes a day, than once a week for an hour.

I’ve created this program to serve you and your team through this time and beyond. A program that provides accessible practices for everybody and EVERY body that can shift energy and create space within.

My corporate yoga packages are the perfect way to provide an actionable, practical tool for your staff to move their bodies and calm their minds.


Here are just a few of the benefits of yoga in the workplace:


  • improves focus

  • increases mental clarity

  • promotes stability

  • creates a sense of purpose

  • encourages team building

Flexible options for your team.

Packages + Offerings

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Staff of 5-25 & under $150/month


Staff of 26-50



Staff of 51-100



Staff of 101-200



Staff of 201 & up



All membership packages include access to over 70 classes (& growing weekly) in various styles that you can come to anytime to serve you in your daily life.


The practices are for beginners, for those seeking to add depth in their practice and especially those who need it the most and get it the least.


Practices vary in length from shorter, potent practices to longer, slower practices to serve the modern day yogi.


Choose a different class daily or come back to your favourite class over and over again.

Want to sign up or learn more?

I’d be happy to meet for a 15 minute virtual meeting to explain how the program works.

Would you like to try it out for two weeks? I’d be happy to provide a temporary log in for you to offer to your team to experience it themselves.

Get in touch!

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